Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association - 2007 April - Advisory Group Update

Update on the Work of the Amalgamation Process
November 2007:

In the past few issues of Breeders Digest we have endeavored to keep you up to date on developments in the dispute with the Department’s registration office over interpretation of the APA and on progress toward the Sport Horse Canada concept (see This month we will focus on why the process is taking so long and provide detailed information about our work with the Minister’s office. ... Read more
APA Update - to appear in Issue #5 of the Breeder's Digest, December 2007

The Canadian Animal Pedigree Act (APA) provides for two types of breeds –distinct or evolving.
A distinct breed under the APA is a population of animals with a common genetic origin and history, deriving from a common foundation population.
An evolving breed under the APA means a 'group of animals in the process of evolving into a new breed'.
Warmbloods have been a distinct breed under the Act since 1991. Warmbloods qualify as a distinct breed according to the Act and by all the criteria laid out by the department. (See Considerations in the Definition of Warmblood Horses) ... Read more
Distinct Breed versus Evolving Breed

'All Warmbloods are sport horses, but not all sport horses are Warmbloods' Jos Mottershead April 2005
The Challenge
The issue is not whether Warmblood horses exist, for they have been bred in Europe for over 300 years, rather it is to describe them as distinguishable from other sport horses and to identify the genetic populations which make up this world wide breed.
Considerations in the Definition of Warmblood Horses 404 KB file

Article by Professor Jan Philipsson PHD, Sweden, with introduction by Chris Gould

The attached article was commissioned by the CWHBA Board for submission to the AAFC as expert opinion regarding the principles of Warmblood horse breeding. Its author, Professor Jan Philipsson PHD is the head of the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics at the University of Upsala in Sweden. Jan was the Chairman of the Swedish Warmblood Horse Breeders Association from 1982 to 1994. He was the head of the Interbull centre for international genetic evaluation of cattle from 1991 to 2001 and has Chaired the international committee 'Interstallion' set up by EAAP, WBFSH and ICAR since 2002.

It would be impossible to find a more knowledgeable and articulate individual to look to for insights and answers to questions about genetics and breed definitions. With over 75 peer reviewed published papers and over 400 published articles, we are very grateful that Professor Philipsson has found the time and had the interest to prepare this article for Warmblood breeders in Canada.

It is our hope that the understanding coming from this article will provide a solid basis for productive discussions with the AAFC and CSHA about the future of Warmblood horse breeding in Canada.

Article as featured in the Breeder's Digest Issue # 4 (cover pictured at left)
Definition of Warmblood Horses in Canada - Professor Philipsson
Distinguishing Characteristics of Warmblood Horses
Version 6. February 7, 2006
Letter from Jan Pedersen, President WBFSH - September 2005

Sport Horse Canada - Principles and Process
Fact Sheet re: the CWHBA & the APAOnline link to this article
Critique of the Prin's Report

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