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feature july 20, 2014: national inspection tour - september 12 - 24!

from the sept 13, 2013 national tour, t.w. littlerock completed the long format mare inspection. she was awarded a perfect 'ten' score for technique over fences. she was bred by two willow's equine of red deer, alberta.
photo courtesy © photos by janine olsen.


more news

web site hack - september 4, 2014 update

many members will have seen that our web site was hacked in mid-august and offline until now. while the site is up again, we have only just regained editing capability, so many pages are old and out of date. if in doubt about the information, check the date on the page and contact your provincial representatives. we apologize for the inconvenience.

moratorium on late fees extended to sept. 30, 2014

in view of the web site unavailability, the cwhba executive has decided to extend the late fee moratorium until after the national inspection tour. this will allow breeders to get their unregistered mares inspected and entered into the appropriate stud book all at one time.

registration applications received prior to september 30th, regardless of the age of the horse will be processed at the regular rate, without any late fee.

for a large number of horses to back register, you have the option to submit a list, prior to september 30th, of horses you intend to back register. you can then complete the registration process over the next two years on a pay as you go basis.

forms needed for registration, mare and/or stallion entry, breeding certificate, etc. may be downloaded from the clrc web site at: www.clrc.ca or contact the national office.

member's sale horses

many new listings from breeders / owners have been added. classifieds are a member benefit and may be posted at no cost to members

want to place a classified listing? the member classifieds can be accessed through the member area - login link at left. check out the new and updated listings. member sale horses

online breeders directory - 2014

the 2014 breeder's directory online is now updated. contact the office accounts to renew or submit a new listing.

august 13, 2014 - registrations update

the latest list of foundation animals was approved by the ministry this date. clrc have processed many papers and tansfers since then.  if you are still waiting on papers, and there is trakehner in your horse's pedigree, this will likely be the hold up. we are working diligently to rectify this.

thank you all for your patience in these transition years, when many of you have experienced regrettably long wait times to receive registration papers and transfers. our staff, volunteers, and staff at clrc have been working hard to catch up on the backlog of work. 

march 24 - minister approves articles

the canadian warmblood horse breeders association (cwhba) has received approval of amended legal authorities which recognize the warmblood horse as a distinct breed in canada...>>

le ministre de l’agriculture et de l’agroalimentaire, gerry ritz, a annoncé que la canadian warmblood horse breeders association (cwhba) a reçu un rapport d’autorisation légale reconnaissant les chevaux warmblood en tant que race distincte au canada...>>

member's web links

the member service of 'farm web site listings' on our links page, was last updated and added to july 1, 2014. if you feel that your link has been removed, and several were because the link was no longer active, please send the new web address to the web master, and make sure you have a link back to cwhba either on your front page or links page.
want to add your web site? members may submit their farm web site address to the web master for consideration to add to this listing  member web site links

other news of interest

news archives

news articles archives ...

welcome to the cwhba!
friday october 3, 2014

the canadian warmblood horse breeders association (cwhba) was incorporated, under the canadian live stock pedigree act, in 1991. the association is a corporate union of breeders for the purpose of furthering warmblood horse breeding in canada. the breeding aim is to produce a well bred warmblood horse, correct in conformation and with good performance. a horse which, on the basis of its temperament, character, and rideability is suitable for olympic and related equestrian sports..... read more

new - 2014:
cwhba national office
2150 meadowvale blvd
mississauga, ontario l5n 6r6
telephone: 905 858-8411

office notes:


members: please note - 

many of you will have seen that this web site was hacked in mid-august. the hack was not specific to cwhba, rather to the servers at our provider and many other isp world wide. every domain using myqsl hosted on those servers was affected. the hackers exploited web application flaw of the website and defaced the websites. html sites were largely unaffected. as of august 24, over 15 virus and trojans had been removed. the site is up again, however we have only just regained editing capability today, september 2nd. please be patient as we update and restore the important information to the site. if you see errors, please note them to the attention of webmaster@canadianwarmbloods.com

office hours:

the office is on regular hours , 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. cst.

 tour dates 2014

cwhba national stallion licensing, spt 
 & national mare inspection
 (including long format)

september 12 - 24, 2014 - e-news sent september 1st.  contact the office for entry

join our new e-news circulation

for updates on your cwhba national and local chapter news and events! 

join our e-news list
for email newsletters you can trust 

2014 mare inspections

for information on mare inspections, please contact your provincial inspections coordinator below.

bc - reka schippers - 250-847-4529 - bc_inspections@canadianwarmbloods.com
ab - janine olson - 403-886-2676 - ab_inspections@canadianwarmbloods.com
sk - charmaine bergman - 306-764-7148 - sk_inspections@canadianwarmbloods.com
mb - dana young - 204-966-3316 - mb_inspections@canadianwarmbloods.com
on - jackie vandenbrink - 905-894-6672 - on_inspections@canadianwarmbloods.com
qc - julie cantin - 418-955-1268

maritimes - holly erith - 902-384-2202 - maritime_inspections@canadianwarmbloods.com

membership renewal:

it is membership renewal time. click on this link to the member section and follow the prompts for online membership renewal. life members will not see a renewal form.
click here to get your 2014 membership application. annual member $85; associate member $35.  to qualify for awards, you must be a minimum associate member.

 online classifieds for members:

with it being membership renewal time, the cwhba board is giving back in this tough current economic climate! this new member benefit will directly offset the cost of renewal. commencing immediately, all cwhba members (including associate members) can use the association web site 'classifieds' at no cost. this is our way of helping our members and breeders promote their stock.

requirement for registration

 of foals born 2011 onward:

a hair sample for dna profiling and parentage verification must be submitted at the time of registration

 * * need help * *

 with registration & transfer of ownership? click here

 join us on facebook


members and supporters can now visit the association's canadian warmblood official page on facebook, as well as the quebec chapter page or  join the friends of canadian warmblood group page. the group page is now hosting a discussion tab where members may post.



feature horse

want to see your horse featured on our web site front page?
your registered canadian warmblood horse could be our next cover girl or cover boy.
members send us your cwhba performance ring pictures (.jpg or .jpeg). include the owner, breeder, breeding, event placing & photo credit. please do include a photo credit with your image. horses must be registered with the cwhba. 

visit barnmice

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