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The name Saskatchewan derives from the Plains Indian word 'kisiskatchewan' which means swiftly flowing river, and is also the name of the major river system in the province. Saskatchewan is situated in the heart of North America bounded to the east by Manitoba, to the west by Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut to the North and, to the south, the states of North Dakota and Montana. Saskatchewan produces 54% of the wheat grown in Canada as seen in the banner, and is home to many historic grain elevators an example of which is pictured. The southern part of the province is also home to the 'badlands', a semi desert area of tremendous geographical interest. Saskatchewan Chapter breeders can mostly be found in the southern half of the province and are an enthusiastic and knowledgeable group using international bloodlines to produce top athletes for all disciplines. Saskatchewan is home to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police training academy located in Regina.