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Registry: Selle Luxembougeois
CWHBA SPT - Orangeville, ON
CWHBA #: QC-[CAN]APPR2053-00 S
Date of Birth: 2000
Colour: Bay / Bai
Height: 17.0 Hands
Owner: Carlo Zimmer
Standing: Ferme Beaulieu Farm
Contact: Carlo Zimmer
Address: 2376, 3e Rang, Ste-Justine-de-Newton, QC J0P 1T0
Telephone: 450-764-3615; 450-288-3615 Fax: 450-764-3575
Web Site:


Beaulieu's Coolman has already proven himself as sire of champion hunters, top jumpers and first class eventing horses.

He passes to his offspring his incredible scope, elasticity, big movement and very easy temperament!

QUIDAM DE REVEL is no doubt one of the most influencial producers of jumping horses and studhorses of the last decade with names as Tlaloc La Silla, Cirka de Blondel, Eve des Etisse, Quibelle, Godsend de Reverdy, Quel Homme etc. On the WC in Aachen, QUIDAM DE REVEL was the absolute top producer, while in the mean time, his sons, Nabab de Rave and Guidam were represented quantitatively as well as qualitatively on a high level. COOLMAN's dam side goes to the legendary sire PILOT who is still in the spotlights today because of his fantastic daughter PIALOTTA.

So BEAULIEU'S COOLMAN via Quidam de Revel and Pilot, carries with him the amazing genetic package of 2 sires who together have modified and defined the image of the today international jumping sports.

BEAULIEU'S COOLMAN himself was an eye-catcher during the 2006 SPT in Orangeville, Ontario. He was the only stallion to receive the highest pointage of 10 for his scope and was designed as a "WORLD CLASS HORSE" by the German FEI judge Cord Wassmann.

Quidam de Revel

Selle Francais

Jalisco B Alme Z Ibrahim
Tanagra Furioso xx
Dirka Nankin Fra Diavolo xx
Ondine de Baugy Harphortas xx


Selle Luxembourgeois

SL L2005295
Pluspunkt Pilot Pilatus
Donna Direx
Pinacolada Pilot Pilatus
Wicole Weinberg

Breeding Fee: $2000

Booking Fee: $500 (Booking Fee Included)

Available by: On Farm A.I., Transported Cooled Semen,

LFG: Yes


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