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REGARDEZ - Approved

Registry: Hannoverian
100 Day Test - Muenster, Germany
CWHBA #: AB-[CAN]APPR1940-96 S
Date of Birth: 1996
Colour: Bay
Height: 16.3 Hands
Manager: Myrtle Siebert
Standing: Creekside Farm
Contact: Linda Ackermann
Address: 146169 160th Street West, Foothills, AB T1S 5J2
Telephone: 403 880-5897 Fax: 403 931-3114
Web Site:


Regardez had a fantastic 2011 Hunter Derby Season with many Championship performances making him the most successful Derby horse in the country.
Regardez Derby record:

2011 Anderson Ranch Western Series Final $5,000 Hunter Derby – Champion
2011 Jewels and Jeans $2,000 Hunter Derby – Champion
2011 Milner Downs $10,000 Hunter Derby – Champion
2011 Milner Downs $5,000 Hunter Derby – 4th
2011 Anderson Ranch Mid-Summer Classic $5,000 Hunter Derby – Champion
2010 Rocky Mountain Showjumping $5,000 Hunter Derby – 2nd
2010 Anderson Ranch Mid-Summer Classic $5,000 Hunter Derby – Champion
2009 Rocky Mountain Showjumping $5,000 Hunter Derby – Champion
2009 Milner Downs $7,500 Hunter Derby – 2nd
2009 Milner Downs $10,000 Hunter Derby – 2nd

His outstanding record was capped off by being presented with the Prince of Thieves Award at the 2011 Royal Winter Fair in Toronto for winning the most points nation-wide in the Canadian Hunter Derby Series.

Regardez produces beautiful offspring that are bold with scope and athleticism. Regardez’s son, 6 year old Double Rivers Really Cool ridden by Kadi Eykamp, won the 2011 Intermediate American Eventing Championship while being the youngest horse in the competition. He has proven to be a versatile stallion which is represented by offspring doing well in the Dressage, Hunter and Jumper rings as well as Three Day Eventing.
No collection fees, early booking, multiple mare and loyalty discounts.



OT-[CAN]APPR312 9-91 S
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Breeding Fee: $1500

Booking Fee: $400 (Booking Fee Included)

Available by: On Farm A.I., Transported Cooled Semen,

LFG: Yes


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