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Date: March 30, 2006
Contact: Barbara Daley

First Competition Year for Canadian Performance Futurity Now Underway

Aurora, Ontario – In the summer of 2006, the Canadian Performance Futurity competitions will be launched across Canada. This program will provide young Canadian bred horses the opportunity to be profiled in the disciplines of Hunter, Jumper and Dressage. Classes will be held in three separate zones: Pacific, Prairie and Eastern. Four and five year old horses will have the opportunity to compete in age appropriate classes - 2006 will profile 4 year old classes only. 

The program, initiated in 2001, officially began with the 2002 foal crop. All foals born in 2002 or after are eligible. The idea was conceived even earlier than that.  Futurities have been predominant in western horse sport across North America for many years. Europe has been no stranger to the concept either. Chris Gould, President of Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association and Past-President Equine Canada Breeds & Industry, brought his observations on this back to Canada. 'Young horse championships and breeder futurities have been key in many European countries, in bringing home bred horses to the forefront.' He also noted an important shift had occurred. 'Sweden, now recognized as a power in show jumping, went from obscurity to Olympic glory in less than twenty years, in large measure due to their Breeders Cup Futurity.'

Prizes & Funding
A key draw to the program is the prize money, with $3,000 per class, and winnings divided between owners and breeders. This is funded largely by nominations. Breed specific bonuses will also be awarded. CWHBA is the first to announce a breed bonus to top Canadian Warmblood horses, with proceeds from their annual Stallion Service Auction. 

As with any successful sport initiative, the Canadian Performance Futurity works alongside a funding partner. The Canadian Breeders’ Initiative Fund, which is administered by Equine Canada, is supporting the program in its initial year. 'I am delighted to see the debut of this unique and exciting competition program devoted exclusively to young Canadian horses,' said Tim Millard, founder of the Canadian Breeders' Initiative Fund. 'The mission of the CBIF is to provide assistance to those programs which support the training, marketing and competing of Canadian bred horses. We are both pleased and proud to sponsor a program with a common goal. We look forward to the impact this futurity will have on the Canadian horse breeding industry in the years to come.'

All Canadian bred and registered horses are eligible to participate and must be nominated in advance. Canadian Warmblood horses were automatically nominated at time of registration. 

'We've received a great deal of interest in this program for several years now, as owners nominated their horses early and were diligent in maintaining those nominations,' said Jennette Coote, Chairman of the Canadian Performance Futurity. 'We recently extended an invitation to all breed associations in Canada and welcome nominations from their memberships. We wish to ensure a proactive approach is taken and that our mutual longterm goals are met.' 

It’s important to ensure nomination fees are up to date well before the entries to the classes are made. A complete listing of the nominated horses can be found on the website. The deadline for horses participating in the 2006 classes is June 30th.  Applications are to be directed to the program office in Calgary.

Show Venues & Classes
The program is divided into three zones across Canada. The Pacific Zone consists of British Columbia; the Prairie Zone includes Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba; and the Eastern Zone is comprised of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces. Where possible, participation in more than one zone is encouraged. Horses may also cross enter between the three disciplines.

All of the Show Venues for 2006 have been confirmed. Not only do they offer the fabulous facilities, but the classes have been tailor made to the needs of participants in their zone. 

Pacific Zone
Hunter  Thunderbird Show Park Langley, BC Oct 5 - 8
Jumper  Thunderbird Show Park Langley, BC Oct 5 - 8
Dressage  Thunderbird Show Park Langley, BC Oct 5 - 8
Prairie Zone
Hunter  Alberta Hunter Horse Society Red Deer, AB Sept 2 - 5
Jumper Alberta Hunter Horse Society Red Deer, AB Sept 2 - 5
Dressage  Amberlea Meadow Edmonton, AB Aug 4 - 6
Eastern Zone
Hunter  Tournament of Champions Palgrave, ON Sept 20 - 24
Jumper Tournament of Champions Palgrave, ON Sept 20 - 24
Dressage  Cornerstone Palgrave, ON July 14 – 16

Hunter classes will be consistent with existing Baby Green divisions. Jumpers will be held according to the rules outlined for the Jumper Development Series. The Dressage will be run in a class at level 1, test 1, which offers an appropriate level of difficulty for horses of this age. Prize Lists with more complete details can be ordered from the individual show venues. 

The Canadian Performance Futurity has launched a dedicated website at This will be the central resource for information. Nomination forms can be downloaded, listings of nominated horses will be updated, and results will be provided throughout the course of the year. Participants are also encouraged to forward photographs of their horses, which will be profiled in a dedicated Photo Gallery. Nomination forms can also be obtained by emailing or calling Tammie at 403.240.1721.

The mission of the Canadian Performance Futurity is to offer a competition program which increases the demand for Canadian bred horses, directly from the breeder, at an early age. It has been created by Canadian breeders, for Canadian bred horses, and in support of equestrian sport.

More on the program, including information for nominating horses, can be found at

Added: April 1, 2006