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APA and Amalgamation News
December 14, 2007:

Minister Gerry Ritz, of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada/ Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada, in response to our continued efforts to find resolution to the issues around the interpretation of the APA, has asked Assistant Deputy Minister, Ms Krista Mountjoy, to work with the CWHBA and CSHA. We are very pleased that the Minister is treating this issue with the seriousness which it deserves.

Chris Gould has had several conversations with Krista Mountjoy and she has agreed to facilitate meetings to cover three issues:

  • legal and interpretive issues concerning APA as it relates to distinct breed status for Warmblood horses,
  • amalgamation with the Canadian Sport Horse and
  • broader interpretive and administrative issues of the APA. Although all the issues are related, it was felt it would be most productive to deal with them separately.

Legal and interpretative issues.  This issue will be dealt with bi-laterally between the CWHBA and the government. The first meeting was held in Toronto December 12th. Chris Gould was joined by our legal council, Brad Willis, Ontario Chapter President, Tim Millard, and Edward Kendall, by telephone from Newfoundland. The government participants were Susie Miller, AAFC Director General, John Ross, AAFC Director and Shawn Harris from Government Legal Services.

It was a very good first meeting, in that we were able to clearly articulate our position to a very receptive audience. No conclusions were reached because, with the exception of John Ross, this was the first comprehensive exposure these individuals have had to the information. It was valuable however, in that we were able to dispel a number of misunderstandings and answer a number of questions.

This meeting, we believe, has laid the ground work for a productive resolution to the breed status issue. We made it very clear, that progress on all other issues hinges on the outcome of these discussions. At the same time, we tried our best to dispel any doubts about our commitment to amalgamation.

Amalgamation. December 20th, representatives from CWHBA and CSHA will meet in Edmonton, with Krista Mountjoy and Susie Miller. It is our hope that this meeting will reactivate the process that was started in April 2005, towards the creation of Sport Horse Canada. A lot of good work has been done by the sub committees and we do not want to lose that. We hope we can build on what has been done to date.

Broader APA issues. A number of organizations and agencies have a vested interest in the outcome of the breed status issue and other aspects of the interpretation and administration of the APA, as it has been applied to our situation. Rather than include these groups in the bi-lateral discussions, Krista has proposed a separate meeting.

This is an extremely important initiative, which we hope will achieve clarity and consensus on how the Act should be administered. The best outcome would be a process, to put in place regulations to guide the application of the APA, in a manner which is supportive of industry needs. We all agree, government included, that no organization should have to go through what we have over the past ten years and that we must take steps to prevent this in the future.

Look for further up dates in the coming days.

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