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Josef (Joe) Selinger

August 5, 1923 – Rastatt, Ukraine
January 29, 2016 – Calgary, Alberta

Joe & Edda

The passing of Joe Selinger marks the end of an era in Alberta Warmblood breeding and equestrian sport. Joe was the founding member of a triumvirate, his wife Edda called them the three Amigos, that included Ron Southern and Albert Kley. Joe introduced the Southern family to riding and Hanoverian horses and was instrumental in bringing Albert to Spruce Meadows. The consequence of these events has been monumental for Warmblood breeding in Canada. It is a poignant reminder of how much their lives overlapped, that they all died in the same month.

Joe was a pioneer breeder importing two Hanoverian stallions in the 1960's. Wiemar by Firnis and Abrupt (Abglanz x Anfechter), who produced over 30 Canadian Warmblood registered offspring. Joe along with his wife Edda have been staunch supporters of the Canadian Warmblood organization. His own breeding program, which he switched over to Holsteiner bloodlines later, produced many noteworthy horses including CWHBA licenced stallion Cappuccino, approved stallions Carthago Sun I and Carthago Sun III both sired by Carthago from frozen semen and out of his exceptional mare Davos. His amazing CW Elite Mare Colibri (Caletto x Ladybird) produced 16 offspring of exceptional quality that competed successfully in Canada and in Germany. Joe was an early advocate of the use of frozen semen with an encyclopedic knowledge of Warmblood pedigrees, nevertheless he insisted and proved that a quality mare base is the foundation of successful breeding.

He was recognized many times for his achievements, among them, in 1984 the Alberta Achievement Award, from the Alberta Government and in 2003 the Distinguished Service Award from the Horse Industry Association of Alberta.

It is impossible to measure the extent of the legacy that Joe Selinger leaves on the Canadian equestrian community. His riding school at St. Georges Stables produced hundreds of competitive riders including his own son Frank, a former Canadian Equestrian Team member.

With his wife Edda, their J.E.S. Breeding Farm has left a lasting genetic stamp that will carry on for generations. He was truly dedicated to the improvement of the breed and was more than willing to share his knowledge and experience with fellow breeders and students. His passion and commitment to a strong Canadian stud book has inspired and sustained many of us over the years.

We have lost an enormous ally and friend of the Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association. The Directors and members of the CWHBA extend their sincerest condolences to wife Edda, son Frank and the rest of his family, with the assurance that Joe's ambition, enthusiasm and sincerity will not be forgotten.

Joe Selinger & Davos
Joe with his Foundation mare, Davos

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