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Format and Agenda of AGM 
Constitution of the Association pertaining to AGM
Photo Impressions from Past AGM

The AGM of the Association is hosted each year in a different province of the country. In 2006, the Quebec Chapter hosted a very successful meeting in the historic old Quebec City. Previous AGM have been held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Toronto, Ontario; Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta; Langley and Delta, British Columbia; Mirrabelle, Quebec; Halifax, Nova Scotia; and in 2007 the AGM will be hosted in Manitoba.

To ensure equal representation nationally, each province elects three voting delegates at their provincial AGM to attend the National AGM together with their two National Directors. All members are invited to attend and participate in the workshops and the AGM, however in the event of an item requiring a vote, only the directors and delegates will vote on behalf of their provincial membership.

For those members able to attend, it is a very fun, educational and informative weekend as well as a great opportunity to network with other members from across the country, and, for those who travel to the meeting, a great way to see other parts of our country!

Format and Agenda of AGM

The Agenda follows a usual format of: 

  • Friday afternoon - National Board Of Directors Meeting & Committee Meetings
  • Friday evening - Hospitality Suite to get together and meet fellow Directors, Delegates and members.
  • Saturday morning and afternoon - Workshops on predetermined topics. Coffee and lunch breaks covered by the AGM registration fee.
    - Committee Meetings may be held in the afternoon.
  • Saturday Evening - Dinner & Guest Speaker or other evening function determined by the host province.?
  • Sunday - AGM with coffee and lunch breaks covered by the AGM registration fee.
  • Monday - Board of Directors Meeting including newly elected provincial directors.
  • Monday - a Clinic or other activity may be hosted - in 2005 a National Inspectors' Clinic was held on the day following the AGM.

Constitution of the Association pertaining to AGM

Under the Constitution of the Association:

The Annual General meeting shall be open to all members of the association. The voting members of The Annual General meeting of the association shall consist of three delegates elected annually by each provincial chapter plus the two directors of the board from each chapter.

The Annual General meeting shall regulate the policies and affairs of the association by the passing of resolutions.

Resolutions shall be passed by majority vote of the delegates and directors present. The motion shall be rejected in the event of a parity of votes.

An Annual General meeting shall be called once a year at a place determined by the Board. Further General Meetings shall be called at the wish of the Board or 1/20 of the association's members.

Notice of the meeting shall be given 40 days beforehand in writing with the inclusion of the agenda and notice of motions to amend the By-Laws. Each Annual General meeting which has been called in a proper manner shall be capable of decision.

Each delegate and director has a vote. Transference of votes is permissible to a maximum of two proxies per province: but not transferable between provinces.

The Annual General meeting has the following tasks especially:

  1. The approval of the annual report, the annual budget, the annual financial statement and the management of the capital, as well as the exoneration of the Board,
  2. to decide on the distribution of funds to Provincial Chapters,
  3. to elect the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board,
  4. to appoint auditors,
  5. to decide on the appeals of members who have been disqualified or reproved by the Board,
  6. to elect honorary members,
  7. to undertake the alteration of By-Laws. This must stand on the agenda and a majority of 3/4 of the delegates and directors present is necessary.
  8. to decide on the level of compensation for Board members and others who work for the association in an honorary capacity,
  9. to dissolve the association,
  10. to pass on certain tasks to the Stud Book Committee.

Every member of the association may put forward motions or speak to motions. Only directors and delegates may vote. Motions concerning the Constitution and Stud Book Regulations must, however, be sent to the Board in such time that they may be put on the agenda.


Elections shall be conducted at the Annual General Meeting by an elections chairperson elected by the Annual General Meeting. Nominations shall be taken from the floor. All elections at the Annual General Meeting shall take place by voting paper with a simple majority of the delegates and directors present. An open vote shall be allowed if there is no opposition to it. Should there be absolute majority in the first election then 2 persons with the most votes shall be taken as candidates. On a parity of votes the elections shall be settled by the drawing of lots.'