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Industry Scope
Canada's Horse Industry Has a Bright Future

Canada is a highly developed country and improvements in transportation channels for live horses and in reproductive technology, developed in part in Canadian veterinary academies, and the development of sophisticated performance-to-pedigree databases within the European Community, have allowed Canadian producers to acquire the proven performance bloodlines essential to developing quality products.

Canadian breeders are educated and technologically advanced and these attributes have enabled them to establish breeding programs whose products meet or exceed quality expectations.

Due to Canada's landmass, traditional breeding operations allow horses to develop on large, open ranges and in a natural, healthy state. Horses raised in this environment and horses with domestic origins developed for centuries in this environment are hardy animals that meet the needs for their intended use.

A tradition of superior equine husbandry has evolved in the unique environment of Canada. A commitment to excellence, expertise, and dedicated breeding programs have led to an innovative equine breeding industry that has made remarkable improvements in Canadian stock over the years. Producers are setting higher and higher standards and are increasing the value of Canadian-bred horses at home and aboard. The Canadian equine industry is meeting the changing demands of the marketplace.

The Size of the Canadian Horse Breeding Industry:

The 2003 Canadian Horse Industry Study (©2003 Equine Canada) indicates an approximate net increase in total herd size of 7% between 1998 and 2003, translating to a net increase of 64,000 horses. With a total herd size of 950,000, there is a proportional increase in "pedigree stock", with approximately 80% of the herd registered or "registerable" stock, indicating higher quality bloodstock and higher quality production.

The number of "fertile mares" in the Canadian herd increased to 408,500 in 2003. Of those, 58% were bred in 2002 and 60% in 2003. It is estimated that live foal production in Canada increased from 125,600 to 130,000 in 2003.

An analysis of this data would indicate that Canadian producers have increased the available inventory of young horses "for use", creating sufficient supply to support enhanced export markets. Investment in international market development during 2004-05, will ensure sales infrastructure for young stock in current inventory.

A new survey is currently underway (2009/2010) to give updated information on these topics.


The Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association has in place several initiatives to assist members with the Marketing of their horses, including:

  • CWHBA Website:
    • This incredible site provides a venue whereby members can list their horses for sale, or wanted for a very reasonable sum. The classified is database driven and members enter their own information with online payment thru PayPal.
    • Returning in 2010 with new technology available for self maintained pages, will be 'Affiliate Farm Web Site' on the main Website for promotion of member breeding operations. For a nominal annual fee, members will be able to host an affiliate farm site on the CWHBA website, allowing them to share in the ever increasing traffic that the CWHBA site generates.
    • Banner advertising on our web site to bring income for Marketing and maintenance of the web site.
  • Online Foal Auction:
    • An inovative venture offering weanling warmblood foals for sale in an online bidding format with closing date. Foals remain with the breeder until weaning. Online Foal Auction
  • Social Networking - Internet:
    • In 2010, the CWHBA set up an Official pages on Facebook with regular updates and interactive feedback. Interestingly, many of the 'fans' are not current CWHBA members and they live across the globe. 'Friends of' CWHBA pages have been on both Facebook and BarnMice web sites for some time.
  • Trade Fair Representation:
    • Nationally in Canada's two largest equestrian trade fairs: Spruce Meadows, the World acknowledged Show Jumping facility located just outside of Calgary in Alberta, and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (RAWF) in Toronto. In 2001, the CWHBA booth was voted the best booth at the RAWF. Congratulations to the Ontario Chapter for their efforts. Booths are also a feature of the Brandon Winter Fair in Manitoba and Ontario's CanAm All Breeds Equine Emporium.
    • Internationally at foreign venues, including the 2002 World Equestrian Games in Spain and the Fierra Cavelli in Rome, Italy, and the 2005 Las Vegas World Cup, which was a joint effort with Equine Canada. In 2010, CWHBA will be attending the WEG in Kentucky as part of a joint effort with Equine Canada.
  • Joint Marketing Efforts
    • Joint Advertising in National Publications
    • Joint Advertising Campaign. Money raised by this campaign has been and will continue to be used to purchase advertisement for Canadian Warmbloods. 
    • Branding of eligible CWHBA registered horses.
  • Stallions On Parade in various provinces
    • An opportunity for stallion owners to showcase their stallions and mare owners to view potential prospects for their breeding programs.
  • Stallion Service Auction:
    • This is a large fund raising activity for the association as well as providing promotion of our stallions across the country. The benefit to the successful bidder of an auction service is entry in the Foal Futurity the year of birth with a portion of the funds raised available as a prize fund.
  • Fall Classic Breeders Sale
    • an Alberta venue whereby breeders can showcase and sell their Canadian Warmbloods; and members and potential members can purchase good quality Canadian Warmbloods. Each year the sale sees an increase in sales dollars in every category, as well as the larger attendance.