Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association - Manitoba Chapter

President's Annual Report


2014 Presidents Report CWHBA Manitoba Chapter

2014 was another successful year for CWHBA horses and their breeders. WKM horses are still a dominating force in the hunter/jumper ring. It is not uncommon to see them in the top placings. We are also seeing many more showing a force in dressage taking home top honors. Eventing we are having a shortage, it would be nice if we could see more making a claim in that discipline. My goal would be to be the dominating force in all disciplines!! I am a patriotic soul and would love to see CWHBA registered horses be the ones to beat. We are well on our way in Manitoba and hope that momentum keeps going.

Events that we had participated in this year include The Young Horse Championships where we donate prize money for the top MB bred CWHBA horse in both divisions. We held the National Tour here at WKM farms in Sept where we held our mare inspection, riding horse test and had the stallion licensing. We gave out yearend performance awards for dressage, hunter, jumper.

Times are changing though, we don’t seem to have the large breeders, the ones that own more than 5 breeding mares, anymore. We are seeing more ‘backyard’ breeders, those that have 1 or maybe 2 mares. Breeding as a whole is down in Canada, not just for warmblood breeders, but all across the board in the equine world. We need to focus on how to keep these people breeding their horses and being involved in our association. Young people do not seem to be interested in getting involved in the breeding end of the equine world.

The challenge our provincial chapter is having is finding good ways to fund raise and encourage involvement. We are a small equine province and most breeders are also involved in other associations. Time and energy seems to be what everyone here is short of. It is making it difficult for volunteers as well, even our performance organizations are finding it tough to get the manpower needed to run events, help organize, stand on committees. Is this the way of the new generation? We need to find out how to rejuvenate the ‘volunteer’ and come up with some positive ways to keep our provincial chapter rolling ahead. I am looking forward to 2015 hoping we can keep the enthusiasm going in warmblood breeding.

Dana Young
Chair MB div CWHBA