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Judging of mares takes place before entry in the Stud Book. Mares are examined at 2 years and older in hand on the triangle. Mare inspections are required for:-

  1. ALL mares to be entered into CWHBA Stud Books, regardless of registry, of level of Book eligible for.
  2. Thoroughbred, Arabian and Anglo-Arabian mares for up-grading to Pre-Book II, and
  3. all warmblood mares born 1992 and thereafter entering any of the CWHBA mare books.
    Exception: mares which have been graded by their own warmblood registry may apply for entry upon payment of the prescribed fee... see fee schedule.
  4. Exception: Warmblood mares born 1991 or prior, will be entered into one of the mare books based on their level of pedigree. Inspection is not required.


  • The inspection fee is a one time fee; the initial inspection fee includes mare entry for the first breeding season, not necessarily the year of inspection. Subsequent year annual Mare Entry is included as part of the Foal Registration Fee for all inspected mares.
  • All mares MUST be Entered for the breeding year in order to register a CWHBA foal.
  • It is important to remember that, if bred, the mare must be inspected in order to register her CWHBA foal in the appropriate level of CWHBA Books. If a mare is not inspected, she will be placed in the A Book on registration of a foal, however may be upgraded upon inspection.
  • A mare entry fee will be applied at time of foal registration for each foal from a non-inspected dam, which means this is a recurring fee for every foal until the mare is inspected.


There is a late fee for registrations of foals over a year old. A Dam entry fee is in existance. Please note that: for mares that have not been presented at an inspection, this will become an annual fee payable with each foal registration.

Policy regarding Dam Entry Fees:
Entry at time of inspection:
1. At time of inspection, the initial Mare Entry Fee is included with the inspection fee, for all mares not previously entered.
2. For mares for which the entry fee has previously been paid, when inspected, no additional entry fee is charged.

Entry at time of foal registration for un-inspected dams:
1. Dam entry fee will be paid at time of foal registration for each foal from a non-inspected dam.

If you have a mare that has been presented to another recognized warmblood registry, and have not submitted the scores to the office, now is the time to do so or this entry fee will be due. If you have any questions please contact the National Office.


In cases where there is a question of eligibility for mares registered and/or entered with breed associations that are not listed, the Stud Book Committee reserves the final decision on the level of eligibility based on documentation and approvals submitted with the application.

The CWHBA Stud Book Committee will consider, upon application, warmblood horses registered with the 'Zuchtverband fur Duetsche Pferde e.V.' (ZfDP) of Verden, Germany based upon the approved generations of warmblood pedigree and according to the rules and requirements set forth in our Stud Book regulations.

The 'Zuchtverband fur Duetsche Pferde e.V.' (ZfDP), which has been recognized by the German Equestrian Federation since 1984, does not keep a studbook/category: Canada. Papers issued in Canada under the ZfDp's previous name of "Deutscher Pferdezuchtverband e.V", often referred to as "German Warmbloods", are NOT considered valid registration papers. They are not recorded in any recognized Stud Book in Germany or Canada and as such are not recognized by the CWHBA.
For further reference see Stud Book Regulations 8.3