Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association - Ontario Chapter

2008 Breed Show



The 6th Ontario CWHBA Annual Breed show was sponsored by Great Lakes Nutrition.

This was the first year that it had to be run indoors due to the amount of rain. Even though the weather didn't cooperate there was still a good turn out with very good quality horses, with the foal class showing exceptionally good quality.

Our judge this year was Hakon Wahldman from Finland who was also the test rider for the CWHBA Riding Horse Test and the judge for the GLN Jumping Cup.

The majority of the entries were CWHBA horses, a big improvement over previous years.

The results are as follows:

Winner of the Foal/Weanling fillies and colts:

*Falene* (Cabardino x Miss Daisy by Nickelson B) filly.

Owner/Breeder: Cassie Parkinson

2nd Place: Seraphino, a CWHBA colt by Sinatra Song.

Owner/Breeder: Jackie Vanderbrink

Winner of the Yearling fillies and colts:

*Cantina AV* (VDL Ulando H x Wellesly by Weltstern) a CWHBA filly.

Owner/Breeder: Andrea Volasko

2nd Place: Cerengeti, a filly by Pacific Star.

Owner/Breeder: Heather and Grant Fair

Winner of the Two Year old fillies and colts/geldings:

*Propheczy* (Alla 'Czar x Caramilk by Tralos) a CSH gelding.

Owner/Breeder: Kerry O'Driscoll

2nd Place: Bernice, a CWHBA mare by Kelvin.

Owner/Breeder: Henk Klunder

Winner of the Three Year old mares and geldings:

*Feuermeister* (Feuertanzer x Fanciful Slippers by Blake's Image) a Can/Trak gelding.

Owner/Breeder: Tamsyn Kouwenberg

2nd Place: Highland Wind, a CWHBA mare by Pacific Star.

Owner/Breeder: Jill Stephen

Winner of Four Year and older mares and geldings:

*Zsinaa KH* (Indoctro x Obersinaa by Jimtown) a CWHBA mare.

Owner/Breeder: Karla Hogendoorn

2nd Place: Waikiki H, a CWHBA mare.

Owner/Breeder: Hogendoorn Sport Horses

Highest Scoring Mare for CWHBA Studbook Inspections:

*Brauhaus* (Budweiser x Artic Squaw by Puchilingui)

Owner: Chris Hahn

Breeder: Sarah and Dick Dekker

Winner of the CWHBA Riding Horse Test:

*Golden Sunrise* (Elito x Golden Girl by Golden Profit XX)

Owner: Elegant Expressions Farm

Breeder: Karin Aiff

Winner of the GLN Cup for Free Jumping:

*Golden Affirmation* (Oxford x Golden Sunrise by Golden Profit XX)

Owner: Allison Busey

Breeder: Elegant Expression Farm

Junior Champion: Cooler by: Brubacher's Harness Supplies


Reserve Junior Champion:


Senior Champion:

*Zsinaa KH*

Reserve Senior Champion:


Grand Champion: sponsored by Great Lakes Nutrition


Reserve Grand Champion:

*Zsinaa KH*



Saturday September 13th, 2008
START TIME : 10 am

#1) Foal / Weanling fillies and colts$ 25.--
#2) Yearling fillies and colts$ 25.--
#3) 2 year old fillies and colts/geldings$ 25.--
#4) 3 year old mares and geldings$ 25.--
#5) 4 years and older mares and geldings$ 25.--
#6) 3 years and older mares for studbook inspections with free jumping$ 85.--
#7) Riding test for 3 years and older with test rider and free jumping$ 40.--
Zsinaa is a Indoctro x Jimtown. Owner/breeder: Karla Hogendoorn


Directions from 401:
Hwy 8 Kitchener-Waterloo
Hwy 7 & 8 West Stratford
Waterloo County Road # 12 North (right)
At the second intersection with lights (St. Agatha) turn left on Erb's Road
Hogendoorn farm is after 1 Km on your left (# 2161)
Chi-Ching is a VDL Ulando H?x Voltaire.?Owner/breeder: Timothy Millard

Horses: All horses entered must be registered with one of the sport horse registries of the WBFSH (World Breeders Federation of Sport Horses).
Dress: Handler should be dressed in a dark green sweater or polo shirt and black pants.
Handlers: Handlers may be assisted by a second person with a whip during the trotting lap of the triangle.
Horse: Horses must be groomed, in show condition and braided.
Tack: Horses to be shown in a snaffle bridle; foals may be shown in an appropriate halter.
Whips: Crops are not permitted for the primary handler but the second person who is assisting during the trotting lap may carry a longing whip.
Class Routine: Entries in hand are to be judged as per CWHBA inspection procedure.
When a number of horses have been judged at the trot, they are assembled in a large circle and judged at a walk.
At both the walk and trot, horses should be given the opportunity to move as freely as possible.
Judging: Entries will be judged with scores based upon the CWHBA evaluation form.
In the case of broodmares and stallions conformation flaws and blemishes derived from
an injury which will not affect breeding soundness may be overlooked at the discretion of the judge.

General Information and Rules:
Entries must be received no later than August 26, 2007
Late entries will be accepted with a $10 post entry fee (Late entries may not be put into the program if received after August 26, 2007)
Make cheques payable to Hogendoorn Horses
Copy of registration paper is required.
If no registration paper is available for foal, proof must be provided to establish eligibility of foal to be registered. (copy of dam�s registration paper
and proof of breeding by approved or licensed stallion)
Risk waiver on Entry form must be signed
Mail entries to:
Hogendoorn Dutch Warmblood Sport Horse Imports
2161 Erb's Road, Baden, Ontario
N3A 3M3
or Fax to: (519) 634-9806
Stabling is available.
For stabling contact Tineke or Karla Hogendoorn Phone: (519) 634-9805