Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association - Ontario Chapter

2009 AGM

2009 AGM

CWHBA Ontario Chapter

AGM Minutes

Orangeville Agricultural Center

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Ruth Armstrong, Jackie Vandenbrink, Chris Hahn, Andrew Dalnoki, Elizabeth Ciemniewski, Tim Millard, Shannon Smith, Don Stephen, Christian Poschung, Pauline Woodcock, Sue Fleming, Kelley Willemze, Traci Ventura, Jill Stephen

Chair Welcome and thank you to volunteers-Ruth Armstrong : Attached Report

  • 21st year for CWHBA
  • Increased Warmblood awareness in Ontario for 2008
  • More registries offering inspections in our area
  • APA debate almost complete. Out of 427 members, 25% needed for AGM vote, 98% of votes already received are in favor of change.

Adoption of Agenda


Proposed: Elizabeth Ciemniewski Seconded:Tim Millard

Adoption of Previous Minutes


Proposed: Christian Potchung Seconded: Sue Fleming

Financial Reports

Treasurer: Elizabeth Ciemniewski Seconded: Pauline Woodcock (if you would like to see the financials please contact

Reports of Standing Committees

1. Mare Inspections: Presenter: Jill Stephen: Attached Report

2. Web Site: Deb resigned...taken over by Sue Fleming:

- website overhauled. Nomination form for Year End Awards available on line. Attached Report

3. SPT: Presenter: Ruth Armstrong

-9 Stallions nominated, 8 completed, 8 passed: Attached Report

4. Fundraising: Presenter: Ruth Armstrong

-silent auction for SPT raised $483.50

-20-30 nice items for silent auction at AGM

-plans underway for another silent auction at the National AGM

5.National AGM Presenter: Jill Stephen

-Sat. work shops in the morning encourageing fellowship. Dinner and dancing in the evening.

-Guest Speaker, Minister of Agriculture.

-Hockley Valley Resort hosting a bonfire

-Sun. vote out for APA (no fee to attend meeting only) -please attend and meet counterparts from all over Canada

Meeting Attendance:

Sue- yes

Pauline- yes

Christian- yes

Shannon- no

Tim- yes

Elizabeth- yes

Andrew- yes

Chris- no

Jackie- yes

Ruth- yes

Jill- yes

Kelley- no

Traci- yes

6. Foal Futurity: Presenter: Elizabeth Ciemniewski: Attached Report

Adoption of Standing Committee Reports

Proposed by: Kelley Willemze Seconded by: Ruth Armstrong

Old Business

Free Jumping

-Free Jumping Ad in Horse Sport Magazine, February edition. $ ? by Han Assoc

-$200 rental cost to be split between CW and Hanonoverian.

-A loss of $418 for each club in 2008

-In 2007 a loss of $20 due to damage done to door at RCRA. Would have made a profit.

-Free Jumping will go ahead for 2009 and be held at RCRA. Sunday April 5.

-Tim and Jackie to co-chair as Free Jump committee

Proposed by: Christian Seconded by: Elizabeth. Voted, Yes.

APA: - 3 delegates voted on. Needed to be "yes" delegates for APA

A motion for Sue Fleming, Christian Poschung and Jill Stephens to be delegates.

Proposed by: Ruth Armstrong Seconded by: JackieVandenbrink

Change to be made at the bank to signing officers, remove Tim. Signing authority to be held by Ruth (President), Jackie (VP), Elizabeth (Treasurer). 2 of 3 signatures to be required.

Proposed by: Jill Seconded by: Elizabeth

New Business

-2009 new as secretary, Kelley Willemze. Proposed by: Ruth Seconded by: Elizabeth

-Communication/Publications Director, Shannon Smith. Proposed by: Ruth Seconded by:Jackie

-Motion for Chris Hahn to run Foal Futurity. Proposed by: Elizabeth Seconded by: Tim

New board Ratification: Ruth Proposed Seconded by Christian All Voted Yes

-Code of Conduct: Jackie Vandenbrink

-blogging websites...conducting yourself publicly in the right manner if representing CW, people should see you as that without personal input...Keeping information between the board, internal...Communicating to board members only.

- Secretary to forward board member's email addresses to all board members as soon as they are all received.

-Inspection criteria suggestions for improvement: Christian Potchung

-no mare under a score of 6 should be allowed to be be proposed at National (also for stallion) raise criteria.

-if mare is not properly turned out (not braided, no bridle) points should be taken off or refuse to inspect for lack of respect towards judges. Same for young horses.

-shouldn't inspect horses not yet registered...Could be more valuable with different breed.

-make policies for turnout of mares, foals and stallions for inspection not only for overall appearance but, for safety.

-Andrew addressed having more people involved in inspecting...possibly Ruth and Jill as Jr inspectors? Proposed by: Christian Seconded by: Andrew

What is criteria for senior inspector? (clarification from National board)

Upgrade Jackie to Sr. Inspector? Proposed by: Christian Seconded by: Andrew

-Strategic Plan Analysis SWOT-Jill Stephen. (strengths,weaknesses,opportunites & threats) SWOT team of 5 or 7 members. Analysis project in progress. What do members actually think of organization and how can we improve? This National initiative will be led by Jill.

-Colleen is stepping down from board of National VP. Jackie proposes Ruth as Colleen's replacement. Will bring us more representation & leadership from the East.

-Jackie...needs volunteers of people and horses at Can Am in March. CWHBA will share a booth there, instead of at the Royal to try and recruit new members

-Tim gave a description about APA and what has been going on from the beginning, Ruth brought us up to date.

Chair thanks outgoing board members & closing Comments: Ruth Armstrong

Have reports emailed to Ruth within the next 24 hours so she can have them ready for AGM next weekend