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Performance: 100 Day Test - Adelheidsdorf
CWHBA #: OT-[CAN]APPR2721-92 S
Date of Birth: 1992
Colour: Bay
Height: 16.3 Hands
WFFS Status: Tested Clear (N/N)
Owner: EurEquine LLC/Rainbow Equus Meadows
Standing: Eurequine LLC, Yuba City, California
Contact: Edgar Schutte
Address: PO Box 3271, Yuba City, CA 95992
Telephone: 916-203-2247 530-218-3781
Web Site:


Landkoenig progeny earned 1 million dollars in winnings and several cars. Landkoenig produced the highest selling jumper ever sold at the German Hanoverian Sales as well as a licensed son, an '03 and '04 BuCha qualifier and 11 selections for German sales out of 45 registered offspring. In '05 one Landkoenig gelding sold at the prestigious PSI for $437,000 and later again for 1.5 million.

Landadel, Champion of his 100 Day test is one of the leading German sires and the most successful stallion of his age group. Landkoenig's dam line produced 8 licensed stallions. Landkoenig's dam Luna, as written in Eylers millennium stallion book, also produced Devon champion 'Groenlad'; 'Gratulata'¯ a World Cup qualifier with Michael Matz, 'Gina' champion of Luxembourg and 1991 BuCha participants and GP jumpers Genua and Gentleman.

Landkoenig scored a 9.5 for stadium jumping at his 100 day test with a test index almost equally high in jumping as ridability. Landkoenig who is easy to ride also scored 8's for character, temperament and willingness to work. Chef d'Equipe Herbert Meyer bred his mares to Landkoenig. Landkoenig had several top inspection foals and in 07 'La Bamba' became E.E. and inspection mare champion. Lord Tryon MF won the Bari von Buedingen award. In '09 Landkoenig made the 'topliste Hanoveraner Hengst'¯ with a jumping breedvalue of 135, highest of any Hanoverian standing in North America.

In '05 eight yr old son 'Lucullus' won his first Grand Prix. 4 yr. old 'Landfall' placed 3rd in the 2007 IJF 9 yr old 'Lipton'¯ and his Dutch rider placed in the 2007 CSI Beervelde G.P. 'Lantinus' made history by winning 3 big G.P.'s in 3 weeks; Wiesbaden, Bourg en Bresse & Cannes and then placed 2nd in San Patrignano's 200,000Euro GP. In '08 the FEI ranked 10 yr old Lantinus the number 1 jumper in the world for several months. 2009 FEI year end ranked # 3 Hanoverian. He won the 2009 Aachen Grand Prix and Falsterbo nations cup for the Irish team. 3 yr old Luanja and several others became an Elite Mare or EMC and JBP candidates.



21 00959 82
Landgraf Ladykiller xx Sailing Light xx
Lone Beach xx
Warthburg Aldato
Novella Farnese Faehnrich
Furth Ladykiller xx



31 17006 75
Landsknecht Lasso Lateran
SPS Ehrlensilber Ernoe
SPS Fluegelhuette
Galaxy Gotthard Goldfish II
Duenenstadt Duden I
SPS Waldkind

Breeding Fee: $1750.00 US

Booking Fee: $400.00 US (Booking Fee Included)

Available by: On Farm A.I., Transported Cooled Semen, Frozen Semen

LFG: Yes

Limitations: 50% off our posted breeding fees on breedings to any mares sired by the stallions Baron Van Gogh aka Van Gogh B, Corcovado, Escudo II, Fuerst Gotthard, Grandom, Kalypso, Landfriese II, Landkönig, Pablito, Pablo, Rubignon and Wild Dance

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