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Performance: 100 Day Test - Redefin, Germany
CWHBA #: PE-[CAN]APPR3995-97 S
Date of Birth: 1997
Colour: Black/Brown
Height: 172 CM
WFFS Status: Not Tested/Not Declared
Owner: Ruth Hanselpacker
Standing: Aileron Stables, PE
Contact: Ruth Hanselpacker
Address: 2019 Selkirk Road, Belfast, PE C0A 1A0
Telephone: 902-659-2614 902-940-7059
Fax: 902-659-2614
Web Site:


Schwarzenegger is a top class breeding stallion with a perfect character. Schwarzenegger was born in Verden, Germany in 1997 from the Windeler breeding program. He is black/brown in colour with four white socks and a small star. With a height of 17 hh (1.72 m), and a natural uphill build, he carries himself with a dignified presence.

In his stallion performance test in Redefin, he scored an impressive 125,24 points. This score placed him 3rd overall out of 22 stallions. His integrated breeding value estimation is 122 for Dressage and 114 for jumping. His temperament and character impressed the judges with a score of 9 and 10 respectively. In his offspring he tends to improve the canter with a 120 as well as the the jumping manner and scope with a 128. He also throws his wonderful mind and kind expression making very rideable offspring. He has offspring competing in both advanced dressage and advanced jumping classes. His offspring are known for their super basic gaits, fantastic trainability/rideability, and the tendency to show talent for both dressage and jumping.

As a foal, Schwarzenegger was the vice-champion at the Lower Saxon Foal Championships. He has brilliant basic gaits and an outstanding rideability. He has placed at advanced level dressage competitions. In 2007, he was victorious at various advanced level dressage tests. He has competed successfully at Intermedaire I in Germany.

Schwarzenegger would be a great cross for both dressage and jumper breeding programs! We look forward to hearing from you



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Breeding Fee: $1,700

Booking Fee: $300 (Booking Fee Included)

Available by: Transported Cooled Semen,

LFG: Yes


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